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Our dresses range in price from about $1500-4500 with the majority of our gowns in the mid range. If you see a dress by a designer we carry but we don’t carry that particular gown in house, we can arrange for a sample to come for an added fee.

What sizes do your Sample Dresses come in?

Our sample dresses come in sizes ranging from US bridal size 8 to 12. Bridal sizing is a bit different than women’s dress sizes. A bridal size 12 is closer to a women’s dress size 8. If the sample you try on doesn’t quite fit, we use clothing clamps and other techniques to help envision how your exact gown will look on you. Dresses can be ordered in sizes US 2- 16.

What and who should I bring to my appointment?

Our shop is small and the experience is aimed to be intimate so we ask that for your comfort, you limit your guests to two additional people. If you have shoes or special undergarments that you would like to wear, you are encouraged to bring those to the appointment.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Whatever you want! We have a fitting room for you to change into gowns and stash your clothes while you try. We ask that all guests limit the use of lotions. makeup and perfumes.

How long does it take for my dress to arrive after my order is placed?

Typically, brides will shop for their gowns about 1 year out from their wedding date. This is because in most cases, gowns can take up to 4-6 months in production time. We know this is not always ideal, however rushing your order is an option if need be.

Are alterations necessary and are alterations done in house?

Expect that you will need your gown altered. Your gown will come in the size best fitted for you but in most cases exact alterations are necessary. We do not do alterations in house but have a great list of local seamstresses to help complete the process.

How can I sell my designs at élsca bride?

We carry designs from all over the globe and we are always interested in carrying new and interesting designs. If you think you are a match with Élsca, please reach out to us at hello@elscabride.com.

for further inquiries or questions please contact us here.