Here's What You Should Bring To Your Wedding Dress Appointment

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A lot of you have been asking, what do I need to bring to my bridal fitting appointment? That’s a great question and though nothing listed here is absolutely necessary, they can certainly be helpful and have you feeling like you got the most out of your fitting.

The great thing about shopping at wedding dress shops, especially at wedding dress boutiques, is that it’s such a unique experience. It differs from street wear shopping in that you don’t do it online, you don’t rummage through endless racks of clothes and you' have a professional bridal consultant there to assist you. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. One that at Élsca Bride, we want you to remember forever. So, with that said, here are a few things to consider bringing to your fitting.

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Wedding Dress Inspiration

If you’ve anything specific in mind, bring some photos along and show your bridal consultant. This may be cut-outs from bridal magazines, a Pinterest page, or maybe just screen grabs from Instagram. Any and all will do!

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Any Undergarments you May Plan To Wear

It’s best to wear nude toned undergarments. That means nude panties and if you’d like, a strapless bra. In some cases gowns have built in undergarments so it may not be necessary to try on with the bra, but it’s nice to have the option.

If you'd prefer to stay a bit covered up, bring along a pair of tights or even leggings. Ultimately, whatever you feel most comfortable in is fine.

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Your Mom or Bestie…

We say this ALL the time. It seems tempting to invite all of your ladies but that can be overwhelming. We have found that the more intimate your bridal shopping experience is, the better. We always suggest one or two people is the magic number.

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A Pair Of Shoes

Most bridal gowns come in a length that will need some alteration. It’s best to bring a pair of shoes along with a small heal (if you plan to wear heals that is). These don’t have to be the shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day, but something that will help you feel like you’re getting the full look of the gowns you’ll be trying on.

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Make Up and Hair

You’re welcome to come looking however you feel confident but we suggest limiting full makeup to keep all of the gowns looking clean and to make putting on and taking off the dresses a little easier. In addition, you might consider bringing a hair tie or clip to try different hair styles with different gowns, wedding Accessories and Veils.


We are loving all the questions and feedback from our brides so keep them coming! In addition to this list, we have a full list of FAQs for you regarding shopping for your wedding dresses in Boise. Check that list out here , FAQ’s Wedding Dresses Boise.