Seven Truths About Shopping For Wedding Dresses // Boise Edition

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We know, shopping for wedding dresses is super exciting but it can be overwhelming or even intimidating too. There is so much to consider and you’ve never done this before... don’t fret! We’ve put together a list of things to keep in mind while planning for your wedding dress shopping experience.

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Always Book An Appointment

A lot of bridal shops, especially the bridal stores in Boise, Idaho have limited appointments on any given day. That said, if you have a day or time in mind, be sure to plan ahead and get that reserved a few weeks in advance.

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Come with a meal in your belly and come hydrated!

This is such a fun adventure but it can be emotionally and even physically draining. You’ll want to feel your best. Plus, some bridal shops even offer champagne, so be prepared for a little bubbly!

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Consider trimming down your entourage.

It seems tempting to invite all of your sisters, your best friend, mother, step-mother etc. but in all honesty, you’ll want the trusted opinion of only a couple of your closest kin. Too many opinions can distract you and might make you feel overwhelmed. We always suggest one or two people max.

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Come with wedding gown styles in mind, or at least come with an open mind.

It’s absolutely not necessary to come with cut-outs from magazines or a full pinterest page of gown inspiration BUT if you know you’re looking for something in particular, or there is a certain wedding dress that you love, mention it! It will help your atelier to narrow down the hunt and have you trying on the wedding dresses that you gravitate toward.

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Have a general budget in mind.

Don’t forget to consider the hidden costs of wedding accessories, undergarments, alterations etc. This does not need to be an exact number, but have a general idea in mind of what you intend to spend on a gown. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is fall in love with a gown three times your budget. Many bridal boutiques will indicate their shop price points, so it’s a great idea to look for this ahead of your appointment.

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Limit make-up, hair styling and other accessories.

This one is pretty straight forward…come looking like you do everyday. You’ll trust your judgment more if you’re feeling and looking like yourself. You’ll want to see the gowns for what they are and something extra accessories can distract from the details or general look of the dresses you will be trying on.


Don’t rush, the right dress is out there and you’ll know it when you find her! The earlier you start the search the better. We always suggest starting the search for your gown about a year out from your wedding. Once you find your dream dress you’ll have plenty of time for wedding dress alterations, finding the perfect bridal accessories and planning your hair/make up etc. Check out more details pertaining to our bridal shop visit via our Frequently Asked Questions page, FAQ’s Wedding Dresses Boise.