Choosing an Intimate Bridal Boutique Over A Large Box Bridal Retailer

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Here’s the thing, shopping for a wedding dress is an event. It’s an experience we want you to never forget and whether or not you find your dream dress with our bridal boutique in Boise or elsewhere, we want you to make memories that you’ll cherish. We’ve done our best to create a space that will do just that. Here’s the breakdown on a bridal boutique experience vs. a large box store experience.

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You’ve Got Your Own Personal Consultant

Whether you chose a 60-minute or a 90-minute bridal fitting, for that hour or so, you’ve got all hands on deck to assist you and ONLY you. There are no distractions during your visit with us and any dresses you try on are pulled with your style and wedding in mind.

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You’ll Feel Comfortable and Calm

We’ve heard so many times already that brides are nervous to start wedding dress shopping or even coming to their fitting… but after a few minutes at Élsca Bride, they are feeling calm and so HAPPY. All the nervousness fades away. We at Élsca, genuinely care about your wedding and your visit with us, there’s a good chance we’re going to be friends after your fitting anyway… so don’t be shy and come hang!

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It’s Clean and Always Organized

At Élsca, you don’t need to worry about having to try on dirty or damaged wedding gowns. We pride ourselves in taking such special care of all of our pieces because we want you to feel like you get a real feel for the gowns that we offer.

It’s notorious that at some larger, corporate-owned bridal stores, they struggle with keeping their gowns clean just from the magnitude of the exposure to customers.

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We Might Be Biased But It’s A Pretty Little Space

Admit it, you’ll want to take photos of you and your gang and we want you to too! We’re an intimate bridal shop and that means each tiny aspect of the shop needs to represent our style so we’ve worked extra hard to capture that so you feel it as soon as you walk in!

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When You Find The Dress, You’ll Know

With an intimate bridal boutique, you’ll have the space both physically and mentally to say YES! We’re firm believers in the hunt for the gown but it’s so easy to be overwhelmed and bogged down with too many opinions or options. Less is more in this case!


We are loving all the questions and feedback from our brides so keep them coming! In addition to bridal store advise, we encourage you to do lot’s of research when planning for your wedding dress shopping. Be sure to check out our full list of FAQs for you regarding shopping for your wedding dresses Boise.