Our Favorite Boise Wedding Vendors

Favorite Wedding Vendors

Over here at Élsca, we’re more than just a bridal store in Boise, we care about your wedding through and through! Choosing a wedding photographer, a wedding planner or even a wedding venue is tough work…Some compare wedding planning to having a second job even!

Nowadays, with so many options, themes, destinations, styles, etc to choose from, a wedding has become a way to personify you and your partner as a couple and aesthetically, you want the wedding to fit in with your lifestyle. We get that.

Boise is such a wonderful town for weddings, we’re so lucky in that regard. It’s saturated with wonderful photographers, florists, and planners but sifting through all of them is time-consuming and challenging. If you’re a mountain girl, maybe your wedding is going to be outdoors and you might find your self focusing on photographers that specialize in outdoor photography. If you’re more modern in style, perhaps your focus is on a wedding planner that is up-to-date- with current trends and styles.

That said, if you feel your aesthetic fits in with us at Élsca Bride, you might consider some of our favorite Boise wedding vendors below. In most cases, we’ve worked with these vendors and know first hand the quality of their work. We’re familiar with their passion for weddings and couples, so it’s a great jumping off point for all of you out there planning your Boise weddings.

Wedding Planner Boise

Sprout Design - Wedding Planning

Samantha Gray at Sprout Design is a powerhouse. She continually blows our minds with her ability to transform a space. Her wedding planning options range from working with couples from the beginning stages of planning to mapping out all of the design elements and in some cases, she can even come in, later on, to help execute your wedding day. We trust her and her team with putting on a seamless execution and a beautiful modern wedding that will keep your guests talking long after your I dos.

Boise Wedding Photography

Kendra Elise Photography

Kendra’s work is so popular and loved. She’s undoubtedly sought after as a Boise wedding photographer and if you’re lucky enough to get your date booked with Kendra (she books up quick!) she will surely exceed your exceptions. With an education in photography and a fine art approach to weddings, her photos will leave you feeling all the romance from your big day. And oh, she travels!

Wedding Venue Boise

The Bishop’s House - Boise

There are so many wonderful wedding venues in Boise but nothing is quite as sweet and intimate as Boise’s The Bishop’s house. Located on a beautiful plot just outside the Boise Botanical Gardens, the house sits amongst a lush garden with string lights and romantic touches throughout. Every time we see a wedding here, we’re reminded of its charm and we highly suggest considering this space for your event.

Wedding Photographer Boise

Maggie Grace Photography

Maggie’s another sought after Boise wedding photographer. Her photos are grand and epic, to say the least. Her couples take her all over the globe for good reason. She has a really potent talent for finding the perfect spot to shoot your elopements, engagement photos, and bridal shots. Even if a specific place has been shot over and over, Maggie finds a new angle, a new way to shoot it so that somehow, it becomes only yours.

Wedding Planner Boise

Emily Aitken Events

We love Emily Aitken Events for so many reasons but it’s her eye for setting trends that go unnoticed. Design comes so naturally to her and she has so much fun creating a new lounge space, backdrop and altar set up. Her hand-selected, curated collection of rentals is always growing and she never fails to impress us with her ability to put a room together. Reach out her for Boise wedding styling and planning services.


We are loving all the questions and feedback from our brides so keep them coming! In addition to this list of favorite wedding vendors in Boise, we encourage you to do lot’s of research when planning for your wedding. If it’s wedding dresses that you’re here for, be sure to check out our full list of FAQs for you regarding shopping for your wedding dresses Boise.