Bridal Accessory Trends for Your Idaho Wedding

Bridal Accessories

Now that you have your wedding dress picked out and ready to go, you’ll need to pair it with the perfect bridal accessories to complete your look. This can be a little overwhelming, but at Élsca Bride, we’re here to make wedding shopping a little easier for you. We’ve put together a list of our favorite statement bridal accessories to help you gather some inspiration.

Headpiece or Headband

A big trend in the bridal fashion industry right now is oversized headbands or headpieces. These can be bejeweled, beaded, made from stones or simply metal. Boise is seeing these worm by some of its more modern and luxury brides and we are loving this look.

Statement Earrings

Bridal statement earrings are a great way to accessorize your wedding gown, especially with some of the more sleek silhouettes that are on trend right now. We love how they can steer the look of your bridal vibe while keeping your jewelry pieces minimal. Really, the most significant accent you’ll be wearing that day is your wedding ring but a great statement earring can really complete your look.

Wedding Statement Earrings

Bridal Shoes

Choosing your wedding shoes is tough… you have to think comfort and style but the great thing is that there is such a range in styles you can opt for. It’s a great opportunity to really show off your own personal flair. Though we love a simple nude heel, going for a bold color, strappy or beaded look, or even a textured slipper can be really fun. A lot of brides like to have two pairs of shoes for their wedding specifically our Idaho brides because many of you have chosen to get married up in the mountains or somewhere scenic and let’s be real, a girl needs a good boot.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Not all hair accessories are alike, there’s hair-combs, hairpins, metal hair vines, tiaras, headbands, faux and fresh flowers and even the highly on trend, bridal hat. One thing to think about is how you might like to wear your hair for the wedding. We suggest first talking to a stylist about the best options for the hairstyle you have in mind.

Bridal Headband

Bridal Veil

Veils can be long, short, mid-length, beaded, embellished or simple and sheer. Some of our favorite veils are colored, in a soft blush shade or a muted brown. The hint of color adds a really classic and timeless vibe to your look. We love that veils can be worn for only a few photos or just for your wedding ceremony. You don’t need to be committed to it all day and they make for some really beautiful photos. Our favorite veil lengths right now are the flyaway and the shoulder length. We’re seeing these paired a lot right now and think it’s a classic-yet-edgy addition to the modern bridal look.

Wraps or Capes

Many of the weddings in Idaho are faced with the unpredictable weather we deal with on the daily. A great accessory to think about is a wrap or a cape. Some even choose to accessorize with a light jacket. This is one of those accessories that you may not end up wearing for much of the day, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have it and it’s another opportunity to style your wedding gown and make it your own.

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and we encourage you to explore which accessories feel like the most “you.” At Élsca, we love styling our brides, from the dress to the accessories. Even if you haven’t found your dream dress with us, we offer a bridal accessories appointment and we’d love to have you in to discuss options while you try on some of our favorite pieces. You can book a wedding dress fitting and select ‘Accessory Fitting’ to set this up!